Hotel Alchymist Residence Nosticova Prague

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Just recently this building was completely remodelled and has become a beautiful and fascinating place to stay.

To preserve the beauty of this building, it took the cooperation of many well known conservators of Czech churches and castles, skilled carpenters, plasterers, ceramists, decorators and fresco painters to pay attention to the important details to save its unique beauty.

Prague became the heart of occultism towards the end of the 16th century. The peculiar Emperor Rudolph II conveyed the spirit of the late Renaissance through his enthusiasm of unexplained arts and science. Many alchemists came to Prague from different parts of Europe to partake in the generous support of the Imperial court.

The Rudolph II was so obsessed with the idea that metals could be turned into gold, he hired more than 200 alchemists and charlatans in the hope of finding the secret formula of how this could be done. No formula was found how to turn metal into gold, but they are still experimenting in the kitchens today...


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